Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1

I accomplished my first week of half marathon training. Cross Training on Monday, 30 minute walk/run Tuesday, 3 mile walk/run Thursday, and 5 miles on Saturday. Saturday was my first time running in the snow; it was not a pleasant experience. I thought I had a hard time breathing when running in 65 degree weather, well that is nothing to 28 degrees with wind gusts and snow. Thank goodness for Tiff! I definitely would have wussed out other wise.
Now on to this week. We got 2 inches of snow over night with 2 more expected by tomorrow. I have to run 4 by 400s tomorrow and am not so sure where or when to do them. I am all for pushing myself, but have no intentions of trying to kill myself. This makes me wish that I had gotten a crappy used tredmill for Christmas. Oh well, tomorrow's fight can wait for tomorrow and today we will cross train with Zumba and Jillian! Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.