Wednesday, August 17, 2011

In a rut

I haven't posted forever and for that I am sad. Life has been busy lately and when I do have a few quiet moments I don't want to think or write. My 3rd half marathon is 6 1/2 weeks away and I found out yesterday I may not get to run it. I ran 6 miles on 8/6 and stretched and felt great. Then Monday rolled around and my ankle was stiff and it hurt to walk. I sucked it up and went to work and came home and tried to do 3 miles on the tredmill, that turned into only 2 miles at the slowest pace ever! I took some meds and went to bed. Woke up Tuesday and much of the same as far as pain. Wednesday was no better and I attempted to do 5 miles that night (I only managed 2.5). Thursday I went to work in a pair of ballet flats and an ACE wrap. I went to work on Friday but by 10 am was in tears from the pain. I went home and went to the doctor. He had me get a better brace, had me taking 2400 mg of advil and gave me Lortab as needed. He wrote me off of work through yesterday and sent me to a sports med foot and ankle doctor. Yesterday I went to the specialist and he said it is either tendonitis, a stress fracture, or both (so reassuring)! He took x-rays, gave me a cortizone shot and told me no training for 5-7 days. If the pain is not subsided by Friday I get a soft boot cast. If I get the cast no race. If it is just tendonitis it is up to me if I can be ready in time. I cried the whole way home on Friday and cried somemore yesterday. Today is not looking up for me and the pain is bad. I am back to work today and it has been rough. Hopefully the cortizone will work and all this is is tendonitis. Please pray for me! I promise I will write more soon and that it will be happier and that I will post more often.